Private Clients Insurance

Our private clients use us for our knowledge and experience of the personal insurance market so that their family, home and personal possessions are thoroughly protected by insurance policies from our carefully selected insurers.

For instance, if you own a high value property you will benefit from our high net worth property insurance policies as each offers value for money with many extra features not included in standard household insurance policies.

If you own valuable possessions such as antiques, jewellery, art and collectables we would advise you to use one of a number of specialist insurance policies that will give a high degree of protection, good security and a high quality claims service.

You must have confidence that your personal insurance arrangements for your family, home, possessions, as well as the insurance protection you have when away from home, on holiday or at university, will live-up to expectation.

By using Anderson White Insurance Brokers, you can be confident you will have high quality insurance cover, placed with respected insurers.

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